At the Intersection of Nature + Architecture

Kanchan Quinlan is a Canadian-Indian artist and architectural designer. Born in Toronto and raised in India for the first seven years of her life, Kanchan was exposed to diverse cultures and places throughout her childhood. These experiences sparked Kanchan’s interest in the arts, leading her to pursue university degrees in history and architecture at the University of Toronto and Carleton University. Her architecture training in France, Germany, and India further contributed to the development of her unique painting style. Kanchan specializes in abstract acrylic painting to explore the relationship between natural elements and the built environment. Her paintings capture a flow of movement through the individual spaces, weaving the fragments together to arrive at the overall work. This process takes the audience on a journey into the detailed components of the painting, leading them to a deeper understanding of the sum of its parts. Every painting intentionally invites the viewer to reinterpret and respond to the mapped out story, dream, emotion or the real-life event in their on way. Today, Kanchan resides in Weston Village and creates custom acrylic paintings and offers residential design services.

ArtistKanchan QuinlanDates2 November - 27 NovemberLocationHallway Galleries

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